A mouth watering experience

Come make new friends and learn to cook like a pro

Recreational Cooking:
The Art of Professional Cooking

Learn to cook like a pro with our in-depth interactive cooking classes.

The majority of people with a passion for food and cooking are never going to be professional chefs, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to develop their cooking and culinary arts skills to a high level and share their passion with others.

Our recreational classes do not require any previous experience, if you have a Passion for Food and like to have fun and meet new people – you will love these experiences!

The small classes are all hands on with a maximum of 12 participants and you will get to enjoy whatever creations you make.

Join us 2 nights a week (Monday and Tuesday nights) for 23 weeks!

You will be part of a class of energized foodies inspired by our professional chefs to create sensations in our kitchen and yours!

Your in kitchen chef training experience will be the same as those who enroll in the Basic Cook Diploma program minus the class theory section and of course without the exams, diploma or admittance application. You will receive the exact hands on in-kitchen chef training as those in the Basic Cook Diploma Program.

A mouth watering experience … come make new friends and learn to cook like a pro …

This course takes a serious level of commitment and is likely to be too much for the majority of people seeking recreational cooking courses, but if cooking is really a passion for you, give us a call at 905-842-4336 to arrange a tour!

It’s all in the name of “Love for Food”. Get the best continuing education cooking training available.

The course is tax deductible. Tax receipts will be issued to you.