Who Loves Homemade Baked Goods?

Culinary Boot Camp – Pastries

Pastry and Dessert Extravaganza

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Who loves homemade baked goods? Cakes, pies, tarts, croissants, breads, pastries…

Come hone your baking skills at Liaison’s Pastry Boot Camp, an interactive, exciting 11 week program that will make you the most popular neighbour on the block! Each week, we’ll delve into a different area of pastries and baking that will make you comfortable and confident in the kitchen. By the end of the camp, you’ll be baking breads and assembling desserts that you wouldn’t have thought was possible just a few months earlier. Come and meet award-winning Pastry Chef Nelita Silva, as she leads you through the most amazing 11 week culinary journey you’ve ever taken.

Here’s a breakdown of each week’s theme:

Week One: Puff Pastry, Croissants

Week Two: Muffins, Brioche, Biscuits

Week Three: Crème Anglaise, Caramel

Week Four: I scream, you scream…Ice Cream Time!

Week Five: Custards, Creams, Chiffons

Week Six: Baked Soufflé and Sabayon

Week Seven: All Things Chocolate!

Week Eight: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Week Nine: Pies and Fruit Coulis

Week Ten: French Style Tarts

Week Eleven: Artisan Breads, without the $5 price tag

Cost: $998.00

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