Culinary Achievement Award Goes to Liaison College Oakville Chef Student

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Carla Iwasiuk’s Breaded Fried Tomato with Cool Cucumber Guacamole and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce won top honours.

Carla Iwasiuk, a Liaison College Oakville student, won the first place Culinary Achievement Award at the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG), Student Chef Competition.

The culinary competition was held on Thursday, June 05, 2014 at Cirillo’s Culinary Academy, Toronto; where the top 5 finalists competed for first place honors accompanied with a $500 prize and a Kitchen Aid food processor.

Judges of the competition included; Celebrity t.v. chef Christine Cushing, Former Minister of Agriculture and Chair of the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, Elmer Buchanan, Chef John Cirillo, founder of Cirillo’s Culinary Academy, and Jim Veri, Co-owner of Exeter Produce.

Carla Iwasiuk

Carla Iwasiuk of Liaison College Oakville

Ms. Iwasiuk’s first place creation consisted of a “Breaded Fried Tomato with Cool Cucumber Guacamole and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.”

The finalists who were chosen to showcase their culinary talents were originally paired down from 37 formal submissions which consisted of photos, descriptions, a recipe, and how the recipe related to local Ontario greenhouse vegetables.

At the event, the finalists were first interviewed by the judges on their dish, being questioned in-depth about its preparation, ingredients, style and philosophy, before the final judge tasting critique.

All 5 finalists received generous gift bags and the winning campus of Liaison College Oakville received a $250 award.

The competition was held as part of the 2014 local food week.

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