Best Student Chef in Canada Competition sees Liaison Oakville Team with Top Three Showing

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The Canada wide chef competition, Taste Canada Cooks the Books, invites culinary students from across the country to make a dish from a top Canadian cookbook.

With the title of Canada’s best new student chef on the line, the completion is heightened and enhanced by the fact that the original chef creator of the dish and cookbook is on stage with those seeking the title of best student chef.

The student chef’s goal is to impress the panel of judges and create a dish worthy of earning them the title of Canada’s Best New Student Chef.  The competition is both friendly and fierce.   Mentors and judges have included such Canadian household names as Elizabeth Baird, Rose Reisman, and Christine Cushing.

Chef and Author Martin Kouprie with Ben Kaschuba, Mick Benest and Craig Winterburn.

The completion is part of Taste Canada’s goal to foster the next generation of culinary professionals through networking, exposure and the sharing of skills.  The Liaision Oakville team of Mick Benest, Craig Winterburn, and Ben Kaschuba received the great news of their top three finish a week after the competition at the Taste Canada Gala Awards at the Arcadian Court, Toronto.

The Liaison College prize winner. Roasted Chevre and Beet Salad with Candied Ginger. The salad portion consists of microgreens, which are pea shoots, corn flowers, baby beet shoots, as well as edible flower petals, sprinkled over the dish.

The 2 day competition is organized so that the Canadian cookbook authors mentor the student chefs in a mentoring program that is played out on stage, in front of a live audience, at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

The Liaison College Oakville student team (supervised by Chef Mark Duncan) saw themselves with International Chef Martin Kouprie, the author of the Pangea Cookbook and executive chef and co-owner of Pangaea Restaurant.  Kouprie’s Pangaeas’ menus have won him accolades from Gourmet Magazine, Toronto Life, The Financial Post, and The New York Times all of which have all given Pangaea Restaurant their seals of approval.  Pangaea has also received the Wine Spectator Magazine Award of Excellence on multiple occasions.

The Liaison College team was supported by MicroGreen Farms.  Liaison College is very greatful for Microgreen Farm’s gracious donation of the products the school to used in the competition.

Microgreen Farms Owners at Cooks Canada with the Liaison College Oakville Team

The Liaison College Team from the Kitchener Campus was awarded with first place overall at the 2011 competition.

The new students at Liaison College Oakville are excited for the opportunity to show their skills next year in this national event and at the prospect of competing under the direction of Head Chef Mark Duncan, with the best student chefs of the country.

Best Student Chef in Canada Competition sees Liaison Oakville Team with Top Three Showing

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